Rockfish Labs

Rockfish Labs is our internal business incubator that brings entrepreneurial ideas to life. We provide support and resources for internal projects, partner with companies and clients to bring new products to market, and develop new technologies and companies wholly owned by us.

Here are just a few of our Rockfish Labs successes:


CouponFactory is a next-generation secure e-couponing service that allows enterprises and small businesses to quickly create, distribute and track digital and mobile coupons. Visit to learn more.

Media Multiplyer

Media Multiplyer multiplies the reach of digital advertising. It works on any digital property in any size ad unit. Capture customer data to build email marketing databases, and utilize a user dashboard to track and optimize campaign results in real time. Learn more about how it works at


YouEarnedIt offers a fresh approach to employee recognition and rewards. It does away with the traditional top-down approach and lets all employees praise the people and actions that drive the health and success of their company. To learn more about YouEarnedIt and its potential to foster employee satisfaction, visit


TidyTweet is a real-time Twitter-stream moderator and spam filter. It allows companies to use adjustable parameters to filter the Twitter content that appears on their website or blog.